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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Go To Seasonings

People always ask me what I season my dishes with, so here you go. These are the seasonings that I use most often. I have lots and lots of seasonings in my cupboard, but these ones are the ones that I pull out most often. I don't always use them all together, but in some cases I do. Like tonight I'm making baked chicken breasts and I seasoned them with all of these seasonings together. My mom used these when I was growing up, so thats what I like!

Pictured above is Season Salt, this one happens to be from Red Robin, if you have a Red Robin near you, go and get some of their season salt, it's only $3 for 16 oz. and it's really yummy. Then next to that we have Lawry's Garlic Salt with parsley, this is the only garlic salt worth using, don't waste your money on any other kind. Then we have Whole Peppercorns, which are in a pepper grinder, I only use this kind of pepper. Next to that is Paprika, Costco had the smoked variety (not sure if all paprika is smoked or not) so this is what I got. And then we have Morton's Nature's Seasons, which is probably my most used seasoning of all time. It has all sorts of things in it including salt, pepper, sugar, "spices", onion, garlic, celery seeds and parsley. I use this stuff a lot and for some reason I've only been able to find the small container of it lately, so I bought like four of them to keep on hand. There you have it! My go to seasonings!

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Josi Santana said...

But how much of each seasoning?